Jesus Freak White Ceramic Mug


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Coffee lovers love a good mug. Enjoying hot, delicious coffee in a lovely mug would be heavenly, especially if you have crackers, biscuits, or tasty pastries to go with it! Well, why not try our Jesus Freak White Ceramic Mug!

Our white ceramic mugs are perfect for delicious coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. These plain white mugs are made with high quality and durable ceramic. Thus, making you enjoy more cups of your favorite hot drink with these ceramic coffee mugs.

These white ceramic cups are available in 11 oz. and 15 oz. with rounded corners and a C-shaped handle. They are perfect as gift ideas for coffee lovers with their lovely print. Enjoy your favorite hot drink with your friends with these white coffee mugs. Its simplicity makes it elegant, making it something nice to show off with.

Anybody would love to have this white ceramic coffee mug! With its size, you can have more of your favorite hot drink in a single cup. Make more people enjoy this simply fabulous coffee mug by giving them away as a souvenir for your anniversary or any special occasion. A product as unique as our Jesus Freak White Ceramic Mug must be shared with others so more people will have an enjoyable coffee break!

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