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Unisex Long Hooded Sweatshirt

This hooded sweatshirt is made of polycotton fabric which is the reason why it’s soft and smooth. The combination of polyester and cotton assures that it is resistant to pilling and can maintain its original form and texture. Perfect for days when you want to relax and to keep you warm on colder days. Because it’s so comfortable, this will definitely be your next favorite clothing item!

Cheap hooded sweatshirts are sold everywhere but you must look for hoodies that are made with good quality materials. On the other hand, choosing a polycotton fabric over regular cotton is your best bet when it comes to durability. This fabric retains the print and color of the hoodie, making it look brand new even with frequent wash. Aside from that, it shrinks less and is breathable like regular cotton too.

Hooded pullover such as this is often used for working out or as activewear. It’s because it doesn’t feel uncomfortable even when you’re sweating.  This long hooded sweatshirt allows airflow and enables the hoodie to dry faster. A great option for people who has an active lifestyle or simply want to get comfortable throughout the day.


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