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Retro Style Kiss-Cut Christian Bumper Stickers

Be proud and encourage other people by using these Christian bumper stickers. These religious bumper stickers are not your ordinary decals for they are kiss cut. This means they are easy to peel and flexible enough to put on surfaces that are not flat. 

Furthermore, they are effortless to peel off and can be used indoors or outdoors. Although they are not waterproof, these stickers are pliable so that you can cut them into any shape you prefer with the back still intact for smooth peeling. With four sizes you can choose from, promote religiousness with style with these white or transparent Christian car stickers.

Christian bumper stickers such as this one not only adds style to any surface but enables you to unleash your creativity as well. The sticker has a feminine touch to it and also embodies a vintage look, perfect for those people who love old school designs.

For white stickers, it includes a grey adhesive left side for convenience. The colored adhesive makes it easier to peel its back so you can place it anywhere in no time. Religious car stickers don’t need to be boring so grab your own Jesus Freak sticker now!

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